Transportation Design


The project developed from a initiative of DEMADES DESIGN the first Industrial & Automotive design studio in Cyprus specializing new product development and car design. Since 2002 the company has been studying different alternatives to contribute to the Capitals (Nicosia’s) severe traffic congestion problem.

After 6 years of research and design study in 2008 the company presented an innovative proposal based on specially designed city vehicles for addressing traffic congestion and pollution problem that would attract citizens in using public transport.

The Nicosia City Council and the Mayor acknowledging the advantages and possibilities of such a scheme have agreed to support the project and have expressed their strong interest in adopting the proposed design for the new bus fleet for the upgrade of public transport of the capital’s city centre.

The project aims to enhance the new public transport system for the capital Nicosia by designing and developing special innovative city buses that satisfy the needs of citizens in modern commuting needs.


Design creating an attractive innovative but mainly functional design providing safety for passengers and pedestrians. Furthermore DEMADES DESIGN aims in creating an advanced design proposal with a strong character that will make Nicosia buses to stand our and become an icon for Nicosia.


Access to all especially groups of people from our society that most need the bus such as elderly people and people on wheelchairs and generally with mobility problems. Invalid access platforms and other features on the bus will secure easy access to passengers on wheelchairs. Also provisions will be made in the design of the interior of the bus to secure the safety of children passengers as well as safety features for pedestrian


The project is characterised by innovation and use of the latest technology both in design and transportation field. For the first time in Cyprus a vehicle is being designed based on the needs of the city on Nicosia so as to satisfy fully the Capital’s needs for public transport in the city centre.


Furthermore advanced design procedures will be followed and latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology will be used for the development of the design form achieving shorter developing times. These CAD technology offers the possibility of “virtual” representation of the proposed design, something which enhances design evaluation in every phase of the project.


The project aims in the participation of the citizens in all phases of the design identifying problems and project special needs and suggestions. Amongst the many events that are scheduled for this project there will be public presentations and lectures which aim in informing the public and future users, about the different advantages of this innovative public transport system. Keep track of the project developments and events by registering (just click join us) insert your data and receive all information of the coming up events.


This project aim in the design of an Environmental friendly Vehicle a big part of the project will focus on the investigation different available power trains and the selection of the most efficient system which offers reduced or zero emissions. Furthermore the same procedure will be followed for the design and selection of all the bus subsystems and material used which will be aimed in environmental friendly recyclable materials.
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